Puppy Kindergarten

Dogs must be 6 months of age or younger. Class will include the AKC PuppyStar Program, beginning basic skills such as sit, down, come, basic house manners, walking on leash, and puppy playtime. Basic husbandry and veterinarian visits will also be discussed. Class runs for six weeks.

Beginner Obedience

Dogs will be 7 months or older. Skills taught will be sit, down, come, stay, leave it, drop it, basic house manners, and appropriate dog greetings. Class runs for six weeks.

Canine Good Citizen/Therapy Dog Classes

The prerequisite for this class is that the dog must have gone through basic obedience or be evaluated before going into the class. Skills include walking nicely on leash, being handled by a friendly stranger, staying with a friendly stranger, distraction work, walking past other dogs and people without greeting, and greeting appropriately when cued. Class runs for six weeks.

Tricks Training for Fun and Competition

Dogs must have gone through a beginner obedience class or be evaluated before attending. The list of tricks can be found on the the AKC website and the Do More with Your Dog website. Class runs for six weeks.

Focus on Fun

This class will offer games to keep your dog engaged and build your team bond. Class runs for six weeks. Prerequisite is Beginner Obedience.

Confident K9

The Confident K9 class utilizes skills from both the Cooperative Care and Fitness classes to build confidence. This class is suitable for any dog able to be in a group setting. For more information please contact Mandy at

Your Canine Athlete

This class will address flexibility and strength to keep your dog fit and injury free. We will focus on body awareness and focused movement.

Class Policy

Unfortunately, there is no way to do make up classes at this time, so please plan accordingly. If class is cancelled because of the weather, you will receive an email or a phone call and class will be bumped along to the next available date.

Note. Reactive dogs may not participate in regular classes until private lessons have been held and the handler understands how to work the dog in that stimulating environment. If a dog/handler team is asked to leave class for any reason, the payment will be redirected to a private lesson or reimbursed.

Reactivity can be defined as an overreaction to external stimuli. Dogs may be reactive to people, dogs, other animals, noises, motion, or any combination of the above. Some dogs are very specifically reactive, only responding to certain things (men with baseball caps; large, black dogs; skateboards) while some seem to react to anything. This overreaction can manifest as hyperexcitability, barking, whining, lunging, mouthing, pacing, panting, difficulty responding to well-known cues, difficulty calming down, hypervigilance, or any combination of the above. To learn more about reactivity, click here.

In Home Training

For basic house and social manners, dog walking out and about, puppy training and socializing, dealing with fear issues, creating peace in a multi-dog household, and distraction work. For pricing, please call 732-477-1589 or email.

Private Lessons

The above skills listed in the In Home Training Session, Tricks training (AKC certified to test), Freestyle, reactive dog management, or other behavioral issues.

Best Friends Dog Training does not offer monetary refunds to the owner of a dog who has been dismissed from class for behavioral issues.